The Life Insurance Agent…Superhero?

(by Agent Randy E. Hoffman 03/07/16)

The Life Insurance Agent…Superhero? ABSOLUTELY !!!

Well here we are in March and summer is fast approaching. A time when kids and parents alike will end up heading to the cinemas to feast on Hollywood’s annual tradition of superhero escapism. Personally, I’m especially looking forward to the “Batman Vs. Superman” flick although the new “Captain America Civil War” is also tempting.

God forbid I leave out the new X-Men film. Okay, before I get too wrapped up mentioning the countless superheros I relished as a kid reading those dime store comic books, let’s get back to the headline.

What in the world do I mean by the life insurance agent being a superhero? No, the agent can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, probably doesn’t drive a cool car like Batman or swing from downtown buildings like Spiderman. But…..the agent does something that all the world’s superheroes together can NEVER do.

What is that? I, the agent can INSTANTLY CREATE MONEY THAT NEVER EXISTED BEFORE. That’s right! Superman can’t do that. Batman can’t do that. Spiderman can’t do that. Ironman can’t do that. None of them can!

  • I can create a family fortune.
  • I can wipe out mortgages.
  • I can create seed money that multiplies into the millions or billions, instantly.
  • I can wipe out homelessness and poverty. I can provide the best college or any education.
  • I can destroy credit card debt.
  • I can destroy financial stress for generations to come.
  • I can provide new houses and cars. I can load up a charity’s bank account.

The leverage that the life insurance policy offers is a miracle. The life insurance policy is the only thing in this world that provides complete financial security at the time it is needed most. NO SUPERHERO CAN DO THAT! Okay, my rant is over, I hope I made my point. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go shopping for a cape.